Sunday, July 29, 2007

End to Samsara..

Finally, its over...I suddenly feel I have ended a roller coaster ride that seems to go forever. When there's a start , there's always an life and death. I do not wish to go into more details as all my friends and loved one who have catch up with me know what actually happened to me past period of low profile.

I had my reasons and I had to do it as a duty. After overcoming this ordeal, I felt the true meaning of " its too late to recover something when its' lost" We lost our stuffs b4 it wallet , ipods, etc..and we would be heart ache for certain period of time and when we replaced them, the heartache often disappear and we forget about the lost items that are so precious to us in the past.

Its different with living things...pets, friends, family and loved ones. To me, the pain and regret is eternal. I regretted not spending more time with my mum..I took things for granted on many occasions..thinking she would be there for me and I could always spend time with her next day...etc...irresponsible excuses that only a coward would use! I was a bastard on many occasions.....

life is so unexpected...death can come instantaneous or dragging slow that we would be constantly under pain and regret. For the past 2 years, I learn not to take granted for all...Never assume that somebody will always be there for you when you never make the effort to shower attention on them. Always appreciate what they have done for you.

For family and for love, I have been reminding myself everyday. But err is to human, I am trying hard.
As for now onwards, I just want to move on and treasure those around me, my family and of course one that love me...and friends.

Human beings are pretty weird sometimes.... they can be easily swayed by sudden course of events...and their beliefs and faith are threatened. There's a lot of things we can't control in life...and things we just have to go thru cos its inevitable. We might grumbled and think otherwise at times but that's human. It works the same for me too. But what's important is that to have the constant encouragement and understanding from our loved ones that would pulled us thru. No doubt it can be emotionally draining and demanding but that is the challenge in life. It is not always easy to be selfless and takes lot of courage and determination. Some just give up:(

But at the end of it, the fruit is for all to enjoy...I believe 先苦后甜, 苦境干来。 When we achieve our objective thru much hardship, then we will treasure them forever.

What I would love to do now is to have a good sleep and hopefully go for a short holiday with you (if you are free) recharge myself and also making up for the lost time which I have been feeling guilty since the sudden course of event.

I am still the same feelings never changed.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


我要你陪着我 看着那海龟水中游
慢慢的爬在沙滩上 数着浪花一朵朵
你不要害怕 你不会寂寞
我会一直陪在你的左右 让你乐悠悠

日子一天一天过 我们会慢慢长大
我知道有一天 你 一定会相信我

时光匆匆匆匆流走 也也也不回头
哎哟 那那那那个时候 我我我我也也
啦啦~ 我们一起手牵手
啦啦~ 数着浪花一朵朵

Monday, June 11, 2007

瓦解 。。。周杰伦

说着笑着的午后 钟声一直在停留
风声静静躺着在诱惑 我一个人在角落
没有你陪伴的我 连寂寞都笑我太堕落
广场旁边的烟囱 烟雾弥漫你面容
我悄悄背诵你的温柔 喝着加温后的啤酒
这样唯美的镜头 是否只存在故事之中

在你的身后 时间把过去都带走
时间把镜头带走不假思索 回忆不放手
好想再跟你牵着手 牵着你给我的温柔

我一个人在角落 没有你陪伴的我
在广场前的午后 烟雾弥漫你面容
我悄悄背诵你的温柔 喝着加温后的啤酒
这样唯美的镜头 是否只存在故事之中

在你的身后 时间把画面都带走
时间把镜头带走不假思索 回忆不放手
好想再跟你牵着手 牵着你给我的温柔
雨下过之后 街角出现彩虹
泪流干之后 有彩虹

Friday, June 01, 2007

Words of wisdom by a sage...

"if there is a solution, what is the point in being anxious? And if there is no solution, what is the point in being anxious? Anxiety will only make your suffering worse.."

This is a quote from an Indian sage Shantideva which I find really interesting ....something which we would very much want to agree on but very hard to implement in our daily life.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


好想放个长假,以经有一段时间没有好好休息了。不管是心灵,身体, 我都需要一些时间调养。我也很想有时间倍我所关心和爱的人。 That's no excuse of not finding time. Work is important but love , friendship and family tops the list.

I miss the beach, the ever sunshine boy I was. Where is my laughter, my zest and my positivity?
我不需要一年, 一个月。。。自需要quality time to recharge and re-align my thoughts.

Its been 2 years since I went for a retreat and I really want to go with you.....

Friday, May 04, 2007


for the past 2 days, I have been sick. Been to the clinic twice in a day! Once in the morning and at night. That quack doctor is really knnccb..din give me antibiotics..waste my time and money. I went in as there's no long queue in the morning. Lesson learnt...go where the long queues are as it means the doctor should be good, The wait is worthwhile. Shu Juan took 1/2 day from her work to look after me..and she came visit me at night after work. My fever din go down @38.2 so she drag me to see a doc. I was thinking it might go down after naive I was...if not for her, think I would be in A&E next morning.

We went to several clinics but either they were closed or refused to admit another person. It was late anyway. Shu Juan suggested going to Pioneer Mall..and I was lucky that this healthway clinic took me in. I was the last patient. The doc was more professional than my previous one though he likes to crack joke.

Shu Juan sent me home to my doorstep. She told me she would make porridge for me next morning..I felt lousy as she haven't recovered fully from her illness..yet she's making all these effort for me to get well..I love you dear! I promise I will get well soon and not waste your efforts. Then we can go for our walk in the park, movies, kick boxing and many more!!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007